Three Rules For Writing

The Literary Work of Author K. M. Douglas

“There are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.”

― W. Somerset Maugham


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Writer’s unite! (part 1)

I see that there are so many books out there that have been self-published (congrats!), but there’s a few major problems with that, that lie inherently within the publishing industry itself. Of course, many of these self-publishing companies are in it for just the money, and I’m not going to sit here and criticize the machinations of this sect of the industry, but in the end, it’s the writer’s who suffer the most. I’ll give you an example. I am one of those writers, who, when visiting another’s website, forum, etc, will purposely search out the unknown WRITER, the unknown story, you get the idea. I have purchased many of these ‘self-published’ authors books in the past, and I shall continue to do so. Many of their stories surpass some of the OK stuff I see on book shelves. The only problem, is the prices. Selling your book for 25 dollars is almost downright nuts! Even if you are Stephen King you might have a hard time selling as many copies as you would normally sell, especially in these difficult economic times. (I haven’t paid $25 for a book in over 15 years!)

So, in essence, I was brainstorming a few things, a few ideas. I’ll have them all ready for your perusal shortly. Writer’s unite! We need to help each other out, any way we can! Whether we are lucky enough to have been published without having to pay a dime, or we paid a ‘bunch’ of dimes to get published, we are all authors. And we all have stories that we want to tell the world. We can do it…if we work together, even if we grab one reader at a time. (My plan unveiled—soon!) 



I’m finally getting connected with WordPress. I figured that I’d share some of my experiences/difficulties/dilemma’s with writing a novel, a newspaper article or anything else. Instead of getting all the email questions, (and keep them coming, I enjoy them!) I can answer most of them in a more timely fashion, and of course, save some time with the identical ones!

I’ll do the whole intro thing to those of you who don’t know me later on.

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